Primaries Industry 5th March 2018 To 9th March 2018
Power & Energy Industry 16th April 2018 To 20th April 2018
Food & Beverage Seminar  4th June 2018 To 8th June 2018
Oil & Gas Industry  23rd July 2018 To 27th July 2018
Food & Beverage Industry  3rd September 2018 To 7th September 2018
Chemical, Petrochem and Oil & Gas Industries  8th October 2018 To 12th October 2018
Water & Waste Water Seminar  5th November 2018 To 9th November 2018
Life Science Industry Forum  26th November 2018 To 28th November 2018

These courses are highly focused on an introduction to measurement & automation and industry specific demands and include general presentations on:

  • Level and Pressure measurement
  • Temperature measurement
  • Flow measurement
  • Analysis measurement
  • Inventory Control & Solutions
  • Services

Customers get an overview of Endress+Hauser, the production sites, calibration and quality standards.

  • Product Center Flowtec, Cernay, France
  • Product Center Maulburg, Germany
  • Product Center Flowtec, Reinach, Switzerland
  • Product Center Process Solutions, Reinach, Switzerland

Some seminars include in addition the following Product Sites visits:

  • Product Center Wetzer, Nesselwang, Germany
  • Product Center Conducta, Gerlingen, Germany

Our speakers-experienced marketing and industry managers – know the trends in research and development and are familiar with measurement and automation.

We encourage the exchange of experience between customers, speakers and Endress+Hauser employees. This international plarform gives customers the possibility to exchange knowledge worldwide.


Next year we will have two Fora focused on the Water & Waste Water and Food & Beverage Industry. The Forum will emphasize on interactions (workshop, panel discussion…) where the customer can exchange on the latest technologies, on innovations in their industry, and their needs towards process automation.

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